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The New HP Z6200 Photo Printer

The New HP Z6200 Photo Printer

HP Z6200 Photo PrinterThe Z6200 Printer. Loaded with new and improved features to enhance your work...
  • Fastest heavy duty printer in the world in its class
  • 19.7 sqm per hour (Glossy Satin), 50% Faster than Z6100 Series
  • Fully automated loading system
  • New pigment inks
  • Improved scratch resistance (2x better than the Z6100 Designjet)
  • Chromatic Red 'The New Friend'
  • Improved black density / backlit films
  • Higher efficiency up to 27% cheaper than the Z6100 Designjet
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Improved media advance / tracking
  • Faster processing between jobs
  • Improved printhead consistency

No need to make trade-offs with this, the fastest printer in its class1. The heavy-duty HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer, a workhorse in disguise, enables you to offer outstanding photo image quality. Become a trusted partner with HP technologies.

Offer the shortest turnaround times1 and significantly boost productivity.

  • Turn around orders in record time with this -- the fastest printer in its class1, and easily meet your client demands with print speeds up to 140 m²/hr (1500 feet²/hr).
  • Print and handle high-quality photo images without losing time.
  • Work more productively and comfortably with automated media loading and an ergonomic loading table.
  • Maintain high productivity, respond quickly, and optimise your print quality with HP printing materials.

Provide top photo quality and maximise your offering.

  • Differentiate, expand: with the new HP Vivid Photo Inks, your versatile offering includes top photo-quality and exceptionally fade-resistant2 prints.
  • Take on tough photo printing challenges with a wide colour gamut enabled by chromatic red ink and uniform gloss.
  • Bring in new print jobs offering remarkable black-and-white image quality; create POP displays and impressive backlit signs.

Rely on HP technology, see precise colour accuracy.

  • Get the right colours and start printing them accurately every time on different substrates, thanks to the embedded spectrophotometer and HP colour technology features that help you operate with ease.
  • Reliable operation: the optional PostScript®/PDF upgrade kit ensures compatibility and greater control over the final print with HP Professional PANTONE Emulation.
  • Safely replace your old equipment without compromises using printer emulation functionality.

1 Compared to large-format inkjet printers under €20.000 for graphic applications. Based on the fastest rated colour speeds as published by manufacturers as of January 2010. Test methods vary.

2 Prints produced with HP Vivid Photo Inks on a range of HP media offer indoor, in-window display permanence over 1 year unlaminated; over 200 years away from direct sun. Display permanence rating for interior displays/away from direct sunlight by HP Image Permanence Lab, and by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. on a range of HP media. Water resistance and interior in-window display ratings by HP Image Permanence Lab on a range of HP media.

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