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Government launches GREAT poster ad campaign

Government launches GREAT poster ad campaign

The government's latest attempt at driving tourism into Britain is to come in the form of a poster-based advertising campaign, marketingweek.co.uk reports.  

A series of distinctive prints will be plastered around the UK advertising the clipper round-the-world yacht race, with yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnson putting his own stamp on proceedings.  

Known for being the first yachtsman ever to travel around the world on a solo mission, Sir Robin will feature on the adverts captaining his now famous vessel in the race. The images will form part of a 48-sheet poster based in London, sponsored by Clipper.    

The effort will be accompanied by various outdoor events, a special social media page and a website, all carrying the 'Adventure is Great Britain' tagline used in the posters.

Should the government's new jaunt prove to be a success, many more businesses could be inclined to use large format printers for their very own poster ad campaigns. There's every chance of the push managing to boost tourism through the striking images and, as far as the organisers are concerned, optimism is sky high. 

John Penrose MP, minister for tourism and heritage told clipperroundtheworld.com: "It's a wonderfully creative way to promote tourism and trade around the world and it attracts thousands of visitors to ports of call around the UK."

Mr Penrose added: "It's a powerful addition to our GREAT Britain campaign."

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