Weymouth to rely on posters following Tourist Information Centre closure

Posters could be used to provide visitors with guidance in Dorset after a local tourist information centre was earmarked for closure, i4u.com reports.

Local businesses and attractions have voiced their concern after it emerged that Weymouth Tourist Information Centre could be closing at the end of the year. Fearful of a drop in custom, alternatives were sought that could let visitors know what is on offer to them.

Now, it emerged that this information could be forthcoming. The Council is to use leaflet and poster printers to provide all the guidance that visitors could need. These will be dotted around small booths in the area. 

They will be located at specially-identified information points, which will feature all the leaflets a consumer would expect from tourist information centres, albeit without the staff on hand to offer advice in person.  

It is this lack of personal touch which concerned some local businesses, who registered their worries that the information a knowledgeable person with experience of the local area could impart would not be adequately replicated through flyers.

Much of the scorn, however, has fallen on the local council for failing to keep an information centre open when other, smaller towns in the area have kept theirs going.

The Council, however, could make savings of around £100,000 by closing the centre and relying instead on posters and leaflets, dorsetecho.co.uk reports.

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