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Why should businesses invest in the Epson SureColor range?

Why should businesses invest in the Epson SureColor range?

Between 2012 and 2013, Epson launched eight wide format inkjets to its 'SureColor' range. Of these, some of its most recent have fallen into the SC-T range, which could prove to be especially useful for those in the CAD (Computer Aided Design) industry. The 'SC' (understandably) stands for SureColor, whilst the 'T' represents 'Technical'.It is this technical ability that Epson hopes will differentiate the new printers and make them stand out in the professional CAD industry.The three printers which make up this new T-series are the Epson SureColor SC-T3000, SC-T5000 and SC-T7000. Whilst each of them benefit from the reputation for quality that comes with the Epson badge, they all offer varying benefits to different audiences and demographics.Epson SureColor SC-T3000As is customary in the tech world with progressive identification numbers, the T3000 model represents the most entry-level of the three. This makes it ideal for smaller businesses that have a few budget concerns, but still offers plenty for the money. The most well-documented of these is the fact that, despite being an A1-size, 24-inch printer, the T3000 has a remarkably small footprint.Thus, in keeping with the small business demographic, this printer offers not only a relatively small initial outlay, but also shouldn't take up too much space in even tiny offices.It can print A1 in 28 seconds and has been designed with low noise levels in mind.Epson SureColor SC-T5000 As expected, the SC-T5000 pitches firmly into the middle of the range, in terms of size, offering and cost. The T5000 comes in at 36-inches, making it 50 per cent larger than its more entry-level counterpart. Of course, this means it is capable of A0 printing, but that doesn't mean it takes up acres of space. Just as with others in the SureColor range, the T5000 has a small footprint compared to some of its competitors.The size makes this printer a suitable candidate for businesses which find themselves most often veering between A1 and A0 projects.Print width for the T5000 is a full 36-inches and it can manage A1 in 28 seconds. It has also been commended for its energy efficiency and comes with 'Prestige' software as standard.Epson SureColor SC-T7000At the top of the range is the even larger T7000, which comes in at 44-inches (A0+). Aimed at the most professional of printing and copying businesses, this model has a minimum line width of just 0.02mm - or two thousandths of a centimetre. This, too, is boxed with Prestige software and - just with all the other SureColor printers - uses its relatively small footprint as a competitive advantage.With this most recent range (as well as the special inks brought out specifically) Epson looks to have sought printers that will offer solutions to every need, whilst also factoring in the real-world considerations of buying, keeping and running such a machine.

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