Why I love my½HP Designjet Z6200

Mark Steward from Data Team dishes on why they love their HP Designjet Z6200:

We purchased the Z6200 for its improved speed and the quality that it offered over our existing 5500.

The enhanced speed has allowed us to expand our business, as we have increased productivity significantly in terms of turning jobs around. We’ve had the machine for around two years - and we are now installing a second Z6200 to cope with our increased workload.

We love the vibrant colours it creates, the speed and, of course, the versatility of the output.

This printer has increased our productivity, taking the print time for a complete 3m x 3m pop-up and drum-down to 35 minutes, rather than the two-plus hours we were experiencing before. The inks are much more durable than the dye-based inks of the 5500 and the reliability is fantastic, hence the reason why we have purchased another machine.

The only problem I have with the machine is that the spindle ends tend to break easily if dropped.

I would prefer a more durable solution to this but regardless I would, and have, recommended the machine to others many times.

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