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Perfect Colours Profiles: Christina Voysey – Sales account manager in graphics division

Perfect Colours Profiles: Christina Voysey – Sales account manager in graphics division

Describe your typical day at Perfect Colours?

I’m usually in before 9am. I have some coffee and we’re straight into the banter, as always. I’ll check emails and start planning my day – whether I need to go out and see people, sell to customers, advise on new products and so on.

I deal with the Latexes, flat-beds and hybrid machines as well. I tend to be out of the office visiting customers for a couple of days a week. I’ve been here for nearly 9 years. It’s a good company to work for and I couldn’t imagine leaving.

What is the best thing about your job?

I enjoy people. I enjoy getting to know my customers. I enjoy building a relationship up with them. Some of my customers I’ve had since I started here. So with nine years of knowing them, you know their families, their hobbies and when you interact it’s like a day of talking with your friends. And the longer you’ve had your customers, if any issues do arise they’re quite easily resolved: you really want to help because it’s now a personal thing.

How does Perfect Colours enable you to carry out your job?

They help us by offering better prices, and promotions on new kit – Jon and Jason are both great with that. Very often they’ll have an offer on this or a bundle on that – they’re always working on something. It gives us something to talk to the customers about regularly – keep things fresh and up to date.

What is one interesting thing about Perfect Colours that people on the outside wouldn’t know?

People actually enjoy their job and that isn’t something you get a lot. This is the first print company I’ve worked where people are not just turning up to work to earn their money. A lot of people genuinely care about what they do here and they enjoy coming here. We’re like a family unit – we argue like you do with brothers and sisters, and we make up 5 minutes later. We enjoy working for the company and payday, well, it gets even better.

What would you want customers to know about Perfect Colours and what differentiates you guys from other resellers out there?

I’d say the amount of products that we stock and the skills and expertise we have to support it. We’re not just box shifters, we won’t sell something just to sell it, we provide the customer with what they need whether it is printers, supplies or servicing – it all comes hand-in-hand. We pretty much do everything and with servicing as well, our engineers tend to cover nationwide.

How would you describe the team dynamics?

I remember when the recession hit and things were tight, we all got on really well as a team. At one point we bought a Wii and a massive telly. One night about 30 of us came together in the office and played bowling on the Wii all night with beers and wine, and that was fun. When we get together and have drinks, we can all let our hair down around each other.

Whose job would you borrow for the day and why?

Most likely Jon’s job. It would be interesting to oversee everybody and see how they’re getting on. I would also have fun with the suppliers and sort them all out.

Do any particular memories stick out of when you’ve dealt with customer?

We’ve had some situations where we’ve supplied customers with a machine and they think they won’t do very well with it, or they’ve had a problem and can’t see how they will recover quickly. But with a few extra tools, and advise and just being available on the phone to ask them what the problem is and working out how to resolve it, a few months down the line, they thank you and you receive comments ‘you’ve helped me’, ‘I can’t believe how much profit I’ve brought in’. ‘I can now do this’ or ‘I didn’t know I could do that’. A lot of them complement the service from our engineers and that’s also quite compelling. It’s good to know that you’re making a difference with your job.

What are you looking forward to this year at Perfect Colours?

I’m always looking forward to meeting new customers and developing new relationships and showcasing all the new products that we’ve got. At the end of the day, we’re also trying to save people money in the long term. They come to us and say they can’t believe how much money they’ve saved and after 6 months they go ‘I’m ready for another one now – you didn’t lie to me, you were telling me the truth’.

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