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Perfect Colours Profiles: Israel Odi – Engineer, Joined in 2013

Perfect Colours Profiles: Israel Odi – Engineer, Joined in 2013

Describe your typical day at Perfect Colours?

I tend to get in at 8:30 and grab a cup of coffee. My colleague, who heads up customer service, will look at our sales from the previous day and sort out what’s outstanding to be sent out and after that we liaise with the warehouse. Most of our customers have specific requirements so we get in early, plan our day around their demands to make sure their needs are met.

How does Perfect Colours enable you to carry out your job?

In many ways. When you start there’s a good structure. We’ve got a really good accounts team and warehouse that we liaise with and the company is really focussed on making sure our clients are number one. We have a good platform to do what we do best and retain business, so our managing directors do give us a lot of advice but they also provide support when things go wrong. In any business things go wrong from time to time, but our managers are very understanding and still give us that platform to perform.

What is one interesting thing about Perfect Colours that people on the outside wouldn’t know?

People believe that Perfect Colours is predominantly large-format print but what they don’t realise is that we do more than that. We do large-format, we run a print service and stationery products all under one roof! We really are the one-stop shop for print, it’s hassle free and we offer a complete solution. It’s important that our customers are aware of this but sometimes people don’t know that unless we tell them.

What would you want customers to know about Perfect Colours and what differentiates you guys from other resellers out there?

A lot of companies either sell just stationery, or print, or large-format equipment or recycling services, but we can save customers a lot of time by using one supplier. You can cut back on the amount of time that you have to order, cut back on invoicing – everything can be consolidated to one invoice and one easy website. That’s what sets us apart from other companies by miles.

How would you describe the team dynamics?

Everyone knows each other in the office well. We’re a medium-sized business so we still have that family mentality; we have great banter with each other and it really works because everyone gets along.

Whose job would you borrow for the day and why? I’d try the managing directors job because he gets to oversee everyone and visits a lot of clients. He has a very customer-focussed role and I think that’s something I would really enjoy.

Do any particular memories stick out of when you’ve dealt with customers?

We dealt with a company in London Bridge that was getting their supplies from a number of different companies and paying so much money, it was ridiculous. We offered them a complete solution and implemented it. We also set up a favourite list on their website for the products. So rather than using different companies they had one with a complete list of products to order from and that cut back their work massively. Almost half of their day was spent looking up products and prices, and when I went into see them after the quarterly period to see how things were going, the lady gave me a huge hug! We had saved her so much time and hassle – pricing wasn’t even a part of the conversation, it was just the fact that I’d saved her so much time and effort.

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