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Perfect Colours Profiles: Terry Davies Technical engineer

Perfect Colours Profiles: Terry Davies Technical engineer

Describe your typical day at Perfect Colours?

I usually go around installing and repairing machines and training customers. My typical day has changed a lot. I started at Perfect Colours as a driver, I then moved to running the warehouse before dipping into the installation side. Eventually I started going to do the installations myself and train people, so there’s been some progression.

More often these days you go out to train customers how to use a driver, or the controls of the machines; answer their queries and make sure they’re comfortable with what they’re doing. Everything is pre-booked and we have it all laid out in front of us.

What is the best thing about your job?

I work with a nice group of people really. We all seem to work well together, and everyone is hard working. We get the job done and there’s job satisfaction.

How does Perfect Colours enable you to carry out your job?

They provide us with a lot of training. For example, we go out to Barcelona to get trained on HP machines, sometimes for as long as a week. Perfect Colours also does in-house training where we try and get everyone up to scratch.

What is one interesting thing about Perfect Colours that people on the outside wouldn’t know?

People probably don’t know how much hard work goes on behind the scenes. What we do gets seen because we go to the customers but there’s the operational side, and they put in a lot of work, as do the salespeople.

What would you want customers to know about Perfect Colours and what differentiates you guys from other resellers out there?

Our support side differentiates us. If anyone one has questions after the installation or training, or there’s something they’ve forgotten, we’re just a phone call away. We can remote dial in to sort out any problems if they need jobs done immediately.

What problems do you deal with most?

A lot of it is guidance; showing clients the right way of setting up jobs to make sure they print to the right size and scales, to things like helping someone sort out a paper jam, a printer printing blank pages or fixing something that’s broken. We can nail down what needs repairing through the error codes and work out a solution to keep workflow going.

How would you describe the team dynamics?

All the work stress gets taken out in the football! We’re very open to speaking about our grievances or anything like that, we get it all out in the air.

Whose job would you borrow for the day and why?

Sales is the only bit I haven’t done but I don’t really want to go into that line. To be honest, I quite like my job and I’d probably stay where I am.

Do any particular memories stick out of when you’ve dealt with customers?

My colleague and I, with the size of the machines that we deal with, we get a lot of feedback from the customers saying ‘thank you for a great job’. It’s down to training really, and realising what level they’re at and that some people are more advanced than others.

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