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All I want for Christmas is...

All I want for Christmas is...

It's almost that time of year! Here are some of the must-haves that every large-format printer should consider.

It’s almost that time of year! Here are some of the must-haves that every large-format printer should consider.

Technical printers

HP have brought out a ream of new technical printers this season. The five new additions to the T series range encompass the T830, T730, T930, T1530 and T2530.

These machines are designed for maximum precision when it comes to technical drawings and have a robust design, which allows them to be used by AEC professionals on construction sites and in other unconventional printing locations.

The 39in T830 MFP and T730 are available to purchase with a rugged case to give added protection against damage and dust when on construction sites, and have reinforced wheels and stand feet to make it easier to transport when outside of traditional office environments.

In addition, the T7200 42in high-speed production printer has been launched as a direct replacement for the T7100. With high-capacity ink tanks and three-roll media holder, allows operators to print up to 600m unattended. This upgraded model also comes with HP Designjet SmartStream, Crystal Preview and HP Double Swath Technology.

With the old 1050c, 800 and 400 series of HP technical printers discontinued, now is the ideal time to upgrade to an engine that can serve your business needs better.

Graphics engines

If you’re looking for a dedicated graphics engine, look no further than the Z6800: the fastest eight-ink 60in graphics printer on the market. It can reach speeds of up to 140sq m/hr, while its wider colour gamut ensures exceptionally vivid prints.

The Z6600 comes in as the fastest six-ink 60in machine around. Also capable of 140sq m/h printing, this device can produce anything from posters, photos and signs to canvas and backlit prints. Not only this, but when used in tandem with HP’s Vivid Photo Inks, your prints can last up to 200 years – now that is durability!

Outdoor printing

The new HP Latex 3100 and 3500 have been designed to increase your production capacity while cutting down on operational costs. Both machines can be used remotely via the HP Latex Mobile app to give you piece of mind when performing unattended print jobs.

Additionally, the engines come with with dual-roll split spindles, in-line splitters and LED proofing lights to ensure accurate reproduction. As the printers use Latex inks, output comes out scratch-resistant, even when left unlaminated.


If you want to break into new markets without breaking the bank, or just to expand your own operations, the Epson SureColor SC-F9200 is the perfect machine for you.

Epson’s UltraChrome inkset is designed to save you money, whilst the machine comes with Print and Save, Epson’s managed print service package, which helps control budgets and reduce overstocking.

The machine itself is able to produce vibrant colours and sharp contours and can output on both soft and rigid substrates. It is able to print at 100sq m/h in draft mode, 56sq m/h in production mode and 27sq m/h in quality mode.


There’s no way you could be unaware of PageWide following its big launch this year. This ground-breaking technology allows you to shoot out prints at the fastest speed in its class: 30 A1s per minute. The media passes under the print-heads, rather then the print-heads moving over, with a ‘waterfall’ of ink deposited over the page.

The 40in PageWide XL 8000 is designed for large-volumes of printing, is capable of holding six rolls with automatic roll switching and comes with a specialist high-capacity media stacker and online folder, both developed to keep up with its break-neck speed.


With all of these formidable machines, you need an equally powerful RIP in order to make your production as reliable and efficient as possible.

This year ONYX released the newest update to its large-format RIP, ONYX 12. This software runs at almost twice the speed of the previous version and focuses on its print preview technology to make sure that your jobs are right the first time round. Using the 64bit architecture of the host machine, this RIP is able to work at a blistering pace and features the latest Adobe Print Engine 3.6 for improved PDF handling.

Alongside this, ONYX 12 now features interactive job listings so that users can easily locate jobs and adjust settings as required, see live previews of crop marks, grommet marks and cut paths before placed on the print.

Caldera’s V10 is also capable of 64bit data handling, while its new build features hot folders with drag-and-drop functionality to simplify your workflow. This iteration runs at double the speed of its predecessors and offers improved tiling capabilities for multi-canvas applications. In addition, V10 users can add QR codes alongside a print with an automated cut path.

Even better, we’re offering a deal where customers can get £350 off when they upgrade their current Caldera RIP to the new V10.

Christmas ordering

If you would like Santa to bring you any of these products in time, make sure to check out our Christmas opening times here. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 680 9000 for more information.

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