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Time to check out Inca Digital’s new SpyderX

Time to check out Inca Digital’s new SpyderX

With a name like something out of a superhero comic, and a pedigree that spells high performance and innovation, the new SpyderX is definitely a printer that should be catching your eye. And now that it’s made landfall at Perfect Colours, there’s no reason not to give it a closer look

Meet Inca Digital’s new baby

Inca Digital certainly has previous form when it comes to producing high quality UV wide-format printers, so their latest dual flatbed/roll-to-roll offering, the SpyderX, comes from a good background. Developed using the same technology that brought us the Spyder 320 range, the excellent Onset platform and last year’s innovative OnsetX series, this versatile 6-colour plus white ink-jet printer features 3.2m wide flat-bed and roll-fed capabilities. It can handle rigid and flexible substrates with ease and delivers high-speed (230 sqm/hr) production with pin-point accuracy.

Power and versatility

The SpyderX has been designed with ultimate versatility in mind. It can deliver 3pt text at high speed and you can use it as a flat-bed printer or roll-fed, for small format or large format pieces. Inca’s formidable R&D investment has enabled them to incorporate a host of impressive features, while still offering a cost-effective solution for operators upgrading from legacy printers.

The SpyderX offers the following great features:

  1. automated cleaning system with on-board maintenance scheduler maintains the printheads without operator intervention;
  2. mist extraction system to reduce nozzle clogging;
  3. on-board nozzle mapping technology so deviated or missing nozzles don’t hold-up production;
  4. operator-controlled UV-curing system means that the level of UV can be altered to improve adhesion with more difficult substrates;
  5. the six-zone vacuum table means reduced bed masking requirements for substrates thinner than 3mm – which means shorter set-up times and greater productivity;
  6. robust motion control system for better media transport;
  7. designed for use with Inca’s carefully engineered UV-curable ink, allowing printing on Dibond, acrylic and plastics in a huge range of colours

New printer, new way of selling

With Perfect Colours appointed as the UK distributor, the SpyderX is Inca’s first printer to be sold through their reseller network. Other notable outlets include Schneidler Grafiska in Sweden and Digital HiRes in Spain. Naturally, Perfect Colours is delighted to have been chosen for the role and is already offering the SpyderX to UK customers.

Jon Telling, Perfect Colours’s Sales Director, says, “At Perfect Colours we strive to select best-in-category products for our portfolio, so Inca’s SpyderX is a perfect fit.” The demand for mid-range, dedicated flat-beds is soaring in the signs and graphics market, and Inca has built a reputation for consistency and quality that fits well with Perfect Colours’ own brand ambitions.

“Having the opportunity to bring the SpyderX to a new audience is a great way for us to support British manufacturing,” adds Jon. “It’s a great printer, with excellent support and good upgrade possibilities for those looking to streamline volume production on rigid substrates.”

Perfect Colours are also delighted by the collaboration. Says John Mills, CEO of Inca Digital: “We are thrilled that Perfect Colours is joining our network of resellers. The company is well-recognised in the UK for providing a first-rate sales and after-service to its customers and with its considerable knowledge and expertise within the large-format sector, we are very confident that it will be a successful partnership.”

Give our team a call today and we’ll be happy to talk you through the specifics!

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