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Perfect Colours sells Jetrix’s 100th printer in the UK

Perfect Colours sells Jetrix’s 100th printer in the UK

As Jetrix cements its UK market position by selling its 100th printer here to Psycho Peacock, Perfect Colours is proud to have been instrumental in the deal. Our Sales Director, Jon Telling, recently caught up with Psycho Peacock’s Simon Higginbottom for a chat about the new printer and how they’re using it.

JT: Good morning, Simon. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to see me and thank you for the business.

SH: Good to see you, Jon.

JT: So, a milestone – you purchased the 100th Jetrix machine sold in the UK. What was key in your decision to purchase the Jetrix iR320?

SH: Several things, but primarily high-quality print and the speed of output. We looked at quite a few rivals and found that few could match the quality and speed of the iR320, which is also excellent value for money. We’ve run the unit pretty much nonstop since it was installed and it hasn’t missed a beat, printing fantastic quality at great speed. We have found that we can turn jobs around much faster. We are increasingly up against very tight deadlines – we sometimes receive instructions from customers in the morning that want work delivered the same afternoon. The Jetrix has proved ideal in fulfilling this demand, due to the great speed of the printer without compromises on quality. Our customers have been delighted with the results.

JT: It seems like you’ve already printed quite a lot on the iR320 in a short space of time. Do you have any indications on running costs yet?

SH: Early indications are that the running costs are very competitive, and much cheaper than our current grand format solution. Obviously, it’s too early to talk about reliability, which is also linked to cost but so far, it’s run without a hitch.

JT: How did you find out about the Jetrix 3.2m machine? Were you aware of it before coming to us?

SH: I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of the machine until I spoke to Darren Walker, Northern Territories Sales Director for Perfect Colours. Darren told me about a 3.2m printer that was selling well for Perfect Colours – he said it was great value for money with exceptional speed and quality, along with versatility in terms of supported materials, and had the added benefit of white ink.

JT: From what I understand the buying decision was made quite quickly. Was there any reason for that?

SH: We have been having some issues with some of our current equipment, so we needed to invest reasonably quickly.

JT: What happened after your conversation with Darren?

SH: I brought two senior members of the Psycho Peacock production team to the Perfect Colours Innovation Centre in Sheffield to see the Jetrix IR320 in action. We spent several hours running prints at various speeds on different materials and, like me, they were very impressed with the quality and speed of the printer. We also all agreed on the great build quality of the Jetrix, and the production team liked the easy maintenance. Our current large format printer takes a good half hour of maintenance every day to keep it running, and the Jetrix would save that time. It would mean that we could get the first jobs on a shift out faster. We also liked the easy loading, which also saves time. The LED light bar on the printer is a nice touch and allows us to see what a back lit looks like as its printing. If there was an issue with the print, we would be able rectify this quickly, saving time and money.

JT: Did the installation go smoothly?

SH: Yes, the installation went amazingly smoothly, and we were printing jobs the day after the machine was delivered. The Perfect Colours team were excellent, as were the Jetrix engineers.

JT: Obviously you have used the printer quite a lot since it was installed a few weeks ago. What kind of jobs have you printed?

SH: We’ve already run jobs on a variety of materials, including fabrics and backlit material – the results on back lit, I have to say, were stunning – as well as flag material and self-adhesive vinyl. On all substrates, the printer has shown vibrant results and the registration is really good and accurate.

JT: What kind of customers have you printed work for on the Jetrix iR320?

SH: We are quite a diverse business, but for all our customers quality is key, especially in the high-end retail sector. We also do lots of work in the exhibition sector and work with many other kinds of businesses. The quality of print has proved to be more than good enough for all the customers we serve.

JT: It seems like this purchase has been a great decision for Psycho Peacock. How do you see future developments?

SH: Yes, this has been a good acquisition for us – so good, we’re now considering buying a second one so that we can turn around work when we hit peak demand.

Want to know more about the Jetrix range of printers? Why not come to one of our Jetrix focus days at the Sheffield Innovation Centre on the 4th and 5th June 2019, or call the sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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