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Partners: Kernow Coatings and the Woodland Trust

Partners: Kernow Coatings and the Woodland Trust

These days, we’re all too aware of the impact we’re making with our carbon footprints, and we all understand that the planet’s in danger. Businesses are doing their part by ensuring wherever they can that their supply chain and production processes are as sustainable as possible. This is why Cornwell-based media and coatings manufacturer Kernow Coatings has teamed up with the Woodland Trust to fund a tree-planting initiative for Fingle Woods.

Supporting ancient woodland

Fingle Woods is an 825-acre ancient woodland on the northern fringes of Dartmoor, in the Teign Valley. Bought by the National Trust and the Woodland Trust in 2013, it’s being restored to provide a home and sanctuary to thousands of plants and animals. After being damaged by the planting of non-native conifers, it is gradually being returned to its original beauty in a project that will take more than 200 years.

Kernow Coatings is helping to secure Fingle’s future by funding the planting and care of new trees. Only two percent of the UK’s woodland is ancient and so Fingle is an incredibly valuable habitat. Careful nurture is essential to protect the long-term future of the species that call it home and Kernow is thrilled to be involved in one of the largest woodland restoration projects in the country.

Kernow Coatings – a 40-year pedigree

Kernow Coatings has more than 40 years of experience in developing world-class synthetics for the printing industry – creating the best materials in the wold is not only its mission, but its heritage. All Kernow products undergo rigorous testing, quality controls and certifications to meet the demands of today’s printing applications, and the company takes sustainability very seriously.

Kernow has been at the forefront of coating innovations for many years, and is protecting the environment by switching to aqueous coatings at every opportunity. In 2018, the company was awarded the SGIA Sustainable Business Recognitions Award for reducing waste by 18 percent, and over the last 11 years, they have funded the planting and lifetime care of more than 13,000 trees.

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