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We’re bringing you the new Océ Colorado 1650

We’re bringing you the new Océ Colorado 1650

We’re excited! A new Océ Colorado 1650 has just arrived at the Perfect Colours Innovation Centre in Sheffield, and we can’t wait to show it off. There’s plenty for you to see: this latest UVgel printer offers a luscious matte mode, using the same inks and regardless of what substrate you’re printing on. Plus print speeds of up to 159 m 2/hour in gloss mode, a print resolution of up to 1800 dpi, automatic switching and feeding between two rolls, with a maximum roll width of up to 1625 mm. No wonder Canon are calling it ‘the flexible choice’.

Opening new doors for your business

The new Océ Colorado 1650 from Canon offers you remarkable opportunities to shine with its flexible inks and astounding application range. Using Océ FLXfinish, you’ll be empowered to create brilliant glossy or velvety matte finishes, regardless of the substrate. Use it to print designer wallpaper, eye-catching decals or stunning front- and backlits that will keep your customers coming back for more. Highspeed printing will bring your deadlines under control, while the low operating costs make budgeting easy.

The watchword is versatility

This is new – matte or glossy finishes, regardless of substrate, without changing the inks. Furthermore, you’ll be able to produce durable prints on a wide range of media, including SAVs, polyester textiles, heat-sensitive materials and paper. Canon’s UVgel inks have been created using a stretchable formulation. They’re flexible and can handle being folded, bent and wrapped around. Fast output speeds and the convenience of not needing to change the ink results in shorter lead times and faster job turnarounds. Switching online between two media rolls plus the ability to refill the ink while printing means unmatched productivity.

Automated maintenance

The 1650 features incessant nozzle monitoring and convenient automatic printhead maintenance, automated media feed and roll-winding module – it makes life easy for your operator and keeps your printer online for longer. Lower operator costs and more printing combines with reduced ink usage and cost efficient media to keep your overall cost of printing surprisingly low.

Key features

  • Maximum speed up to 159 m2/hour in gloss mode
  • Océ FLXfinish UVgel LED curing with gloss modulation
  • 2 rolls with automatic feeding and switching
  • Print width up to 1625mm
  • Print resolution up to 1800 dpi
  • Applications: disposable and durable posters, no-wear decals, soft signage, wall coverings, front and backlits, gallery-quality canvas, durable banners

Make an appointment with our sales team now on 0845 680 9000 to come and see the new Océ Colorado 1650 in action at our Sheffield Innovation Centre.

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