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New from Kernow Coatings – KernowJet KlearWipe

New from Kernow Coatings – KernowJet KlearWipe

Kernow Coatings has announced the arrival of KernowJet KlearWipe, the toughest long-term clear dry-erase lamination film on the market. Write it, erase it, love it – apply this lamination film to whiteboards, blackboards, coloured boards or printed boards and you’ll be able to wipe them clean over and over again.

KlearWipe – your dry wipe solution

KlearWipe is nothing if not versatile. It can be used on all kinds of boards for schools, offices, meeting rooms, convention centres, restaurants, bars, colleges, calendars, production planning and warehouses. Furthermore, it has EN71-3 certification which makes it suitable for use for children’s writing and drawing toys.

It has been developed to be extremely durable and scratch resistant, and comes completely clean when dry wiped, time after time. The unique formulation of the permanent adhesive creates strong lamination over smooth surfaces of up to 1,524mm width, and it can be applied to all sorts of printed surfaces, including boards printed with UV-cured ink. The transparent film is incredibly easy to handle and apply due to its 75µm thickness which makes it reasonably stiff.

You’ll discover that inks don’t pearl when you write on KlearWipe and it retains perfect erasability, leaving no ink residue even after a long delay between writing and cleaning. Permanent markers can be erased using isopropyl alcohol and the surface of the film will remain undamaged. No more ghosting – the unique topcoat on the surface is tough and scratch resistant, giving users a long-term solution for all their dry wipe needs.

For more information or to order KernowJet KlearWipe, talk to the Perfect Colours sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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