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It’s time to upgrade to Caldera V12

It’s time to upgrade to Caldera V12

Caldera’s brilliant visual communications workflow software, VisualRIP+, has reached its twelfth incarnation – and there are plenty of good reasons to go for an upgrade. Not only does this award-winning package unify your workflow from prepress to print & cut, it ensures reliable colour reproduction while saving on media and ink. So what are you waiting for?

What’s new on the new version?

  • Caldera VisualRIP+ V12 comes with APPE 5.0 – that’s Adobe PDF Print Engine 5. This is the foundation for Caldera’s next generation of RIP software and it accurately renders PDF designs, resulting in full fidelity to the creator’s intent. The latest version raises the bar on both workflow flexibility and reproductive reliability, driving high-performance PDF-native rendering for the full range of job types. It also integrates end-to-end print workflows built with Adobe applications such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.
  • Meet the new Huge Raster Image Pipeline – designed for huge input/output throughputs, you’ll achieve a 10% increase in global acceleration on output, 4x the speed on multi-layers PSD and 7x faster processing of huge raster files.
  • The new Digital Licensing System for Windows virtualization and software licenses will make access to new products and faster features much easier. You’ll be able to migrate your licenses onto other sites and devices, and utilize Linux Virtual Machines to transparently run the RIP.
  • CalderaDock is a new RIP module for easy access to all your local and remote apps – you’ll benefit from auto-updates, easy migration and the ability to back-up and reset your station. Access all your apps and print web page tools from one interface, and save and restore your RIP configurations.
  • This version also introduces Caldera High Dynamic Linearization, increasing linearization accuracy by 10% in difficult conditions.

If you’re already using Caldera VisualRIP+, you’ll know how brilliant it is. Upgrade to V12, and take full advantage of these great new features to make your workflow even more effective. If you’re new to Caldera VisualRIP+, why not get in touch with us for a demo – call the sales team on 0845 680 9000 for more information now.

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