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A Océ Colorado Success Story

A Océ Colorado Success Story

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Teletransfer provides large format digital printing services in the form of vehicle graphics to the owners of more than 600 buses. With fast turnarounds as standard, they use an Océ Colorado roll-to-roll to ensure that they can start installations within 24 hours without compromising on quality or the brilliance of the colours.

The Teletransfer story

Teletransfer came into being in 1992, but its first role was as an advertising agency. By 1996, however, they realised that it would make sense for them to set up their very own digital printing service. Since then the business has come a long way and they now have responsibility to provide the advertising graphics to cover 600 buses.

This new departure called for equipment that not only delivered optimal speed but also provided the quality of finish that their customers were demanding. The company wanted to be able to start installations within 24 hours of receiving orders. Having invested in an Océ Colorado, they’ve been able to reduce production times enough to be able to do this, while improving the quality of the graphics at the same time.

According to Manager Miquel Angel Rosa, “The business is about the speeds, the ability to print a 67-meter reel and have it printed in 64 minutes, and completely ready for the installer to begin vinyl-coating wasn’t feasible until we got the Colorado.”

The Océ Colorado technology

“I like everything about this technology,” says Diego Rosa, Technical Director at Teletransfer. “In our sector, buses, when it comes to applying the vinyl, lamination isn’t required, and neither is there a need to make marks with the felt wiper when applying the vinyl on the bus. All of this has helped a lot.

“Something that I still love is the colorimetry that this technology brings,” he continues. “I’ve never seen such real colours. There are only four inks and it provides an incredibly realistic Pantone gamut – I’m fascinated by it.”

Teletransfer uses Onyx to drive the Colorado. “It works really well with the machine, and it connects really well,” explains Diego. “These colours are only possible thanks to the technology, and what Canon has been able to achieve with its development. You couldn’t achieve this using another brand.

Furthermore, since having the Colorado, the company doesn’t find itself having to change bus vinyls because the inks have lost intensity or have deteriorated at any time. The UVGel inks the printer uses are more resistance against wear and vandalism. Even without lamination, when the vinyl is removed from the bus it looks exactly the same as when it was installed. “It’s a huge advantage,” says Diego.

For more information on the Océ Colorado or to arrange for a demo, talk to the Perfect Colours sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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