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HP’s big commitment to sustainable printing

HP’s big commitment to sustainable printing

HP has recently announced a game-changing commitment to sustainable ink innovation, showing the company’s serious intent to play its part in pushing forward environmentally-friendly digital print solutions. The initiative involves a $200 million commitment spread across five years to develop water-based ink technologies for printing on corrugated packaging and textiles.

HP’s new sustainable ink innovation

The giant print company has announced further commitments to sustainable water-based ink as part of its investment in cutting-edge technologies across the whole of its graphics portfolio. This latest initiative advances HP’s Sustainable Impact vision and a committed attitude to creating safer and simpler print solutions.

Tradition textile colouration has been built on the use of technologies that are problematic from a water emissions perspective – and worldwide garment manufacturing is thought to be responsible for approximately 20 percent of global industrial water pollution. Obviously, anything that can be done to reduce this figure is to be applauded.

Santi Morera, HP’s general manager and global head of graphics solutions, says, “Investing in water-based solutions that meet market needs and the increasing sustainability requirements of graphics customers is expected to propel business growth for HP. We will be dedicating resources toward continued innovation and industry disruption to accelerate safer, simpler and more sustainable water-based printing technologies that meet the quality, performance and economics needed by these markets.”

Ink technology that’s leading the way

With the advent of true water-based inks, HP has leading the way for sensitive applications such as food packaging. The company is developing the next major generation of ink, printhead and press technology that delivers improved quality, performance and sustainability, building on the firm belief that water-based solutions are the way forward in the digital print market.

The company is collaborating with the textile industry to develop water-based digital platforms, while also developing the technology that his already spearheaded in the sign and display market. Water-based HP Latex Inks have built a reputation for being durable, versatile and a safer alternative to existing solvent inks. At the same time, additional sustainability achievements across HP’s graphics business is reducing waste and minimising the environmental impact of printing.

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