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Welcome to HP’s 3D Center of Excellence

Welcome to HP’s 3D Center of Excellence

HP has embraced 3D printing in a way that is changing the digital manufacturing industry – and it’s all driven from the company’s new 3D Center of Excellence based near Barcelona. Here, a team of engineers are working on HP’s cutting-edge industrial Jet Fusion 3D printers. Last month, Metal Jet programme manager Carmen Blasco gave some insight into the amazing projects that the company is spearheading.

Reporting on the Metal Jet programme

Carmen leads her team in the Metals lab which, with its huge state-of-the-art machines and white-coated engineers, looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Running between 12 and 30 tests each day, the scientists measure everything from the efficacy of the metal powder, to the density and cooling of the parts to the accuracy of the final forms.

A futuristic workplace

The Metal Jet programme is just one element at HP’s amazing 3D printing Center. Covering more than 150,000 square feet, the 3-acre facility has been constructed using eco-friendly building materials and was designed with sustainability in mind. Taking advantage of the Spanish sunshine, a photovoltaic canopy provides 110 kilowatt hours of power, while rainwater is captured and used for irrigation in the landscaped grounds. Inside, the Center is flooded with natural light via a multitude of skylights, and vertical wall gardens add a sense of wellbeing.

The future of 3D printing

The 3D Center is packed with teams working on machine simulation, materials design and software solutions. HP’s goal is to make advances in additive manufacturing – building a product by adding layers of material. Multi Jet Fusion was invented by the company in 2016, and in these new labs and at its hug in Oregon, HP is adding applications to its 3D printing portfolio of new partners, materials, certifications and software. Experts in systems engineering, data intelligence, software, materials science, design and 3D printing systems are transforming a host of industries, while producing Multi Jet Fusion and Metal Jet printers.

The printers Blasco is developing are already executing the first phase of metal parts production for the automotive and medical industries, allowing thousands of smaller pieces, such as valves and aesthetic parts to be made without requiring manufacturing tools. “The key to this technology is the automation,” says Blasco.

HP’s extraordinary 3D printers, both the plastic and metal models, are able to create customized structures and shapes that can be produced accurately with less waste and at a lower cost. As their use gains ground, more and more parts across a multitude of industries will be produced in this way, creating objects that are lighter, require less material and are more cost-effective to manufacture.

The 3D revolution is already here – so to find out more about how a 3D printer could enhance your business, talk to the sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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