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HP Original Ink and Toner – there’s no substitute!

HP Original Ink and Toner – there’s no substitute!

Of course, we understand the temptation, really we do. But. Don’t. Do. It. There’s no substituting HP Original Ink and Toner for cheaper alternatives. HP’s inks and toners are especially designed to work with HP printers and are the result of substantial research and development. Other inks might claim to be good for HP printers, but they’re not. You’ll save money in the short-run, but as often as not they turn out to be the more expensive option.

Why use HP Original Ink and Toner?

HP inks and toners have been designed to work every single time you use them.

  • They’re 100 percent reliable and they work first time, every time.
  • You can rest assured that they’re the best quality inks and toners available for your HP printer
  • Original HP Ink cartridges produce on average 85% more pages than non-HP ink cartridges
  • HP products are better value for money than the cheaper alternatives, as you get far more pages for your money
  • When up to 70 percent of the quality of your print is dependent on the ink you use, doesn’t it make sense to use the right ink for your printer?
  • Nearly a quarter of alternatives tested had significant quality problems, and increased the chance of printer downtime by up to 60 percent
  • Using sub-standard inks will damage your printer over time

HP Original Inks and Toners are sustainable

Since 2017, HP has been recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable corporations. When you use HP ink and toner, you can rest assured that you’re not damaging the planet – the company operates a pioneering return and recycling programme, HP Planet Partners. 100 percent of HP Toner and more than 80 percent of HP Ink cartridges are manufactured with closed loop recycled plastic.

Value for money

Over time, using HP Original Ink and Toner will result in lower ink costs, as they are far more reliable than cheaper alternatives. By using better quality HP ink and supplies, you’ll save money on paper, printer life and costly repairs.

To find out more about the right HP Original Ink and Toner for your HP large format printer, talk to the Perfect Colours sales team on 0845 680 9000. Or visit our shop to buy Original HP Inks for your large format plotter.

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