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Estefold 2300: Wide Format Folding Solutions ✓

Key features

  • Up to 930mm folding width
  • 4 and 6 meter folding length available
  • Pre-programmed folding styles
  • LED Optical Sensor
  • Manual paper feed
  • 18 meters per minute folding speed

Buying options

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High performance precision folding

The Estefold 2300 is a high precision folding machine, available in 4 meters and 6 meters. It has been designed for folding blueprints, copies and plots. Making it just right for small to medium sized print runs.

Easy To Use With 4 pre programmed folding styles and an easy to use interface, the Estefold 2300 talks only minutes to learn. Ergonomic Table HeightThe Este 2300 comes with an oversized folding table which allows the user to easily feed documents into the machine.

Digital Precision Using optical sensors and precision stepper motors the Estefold 2300 accurately measures the paper dimensions and position of the document, LED optical sensors then guarantee reliable fold precision. If a cross fold is required simply take the fan folded document and re-feed it through the machine.

The Estefold 2300 automatically recognises the document and folds it accordingly.