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Ladybird III and HP Designjet T3500

Key features

  • High fold precision for long plots.up to 5m.
  • 15 fan folding styles to enable folding any document as standard ISO, ANSI, ARCH and Afnor or no standard
  • Finisher fold process extremely quite
  • Perfect fold quality over the time
  • Automatic fan fold and guided cross fold for documents printed on roll 36? 914mm 24? 610mm
  • Able to process portrait or landscape document orientation

Buying options

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On-line folder for unattended low-cost use

An affordable investment that allows the finishing process to be brought in-house thereby saving time and money. An ideal solution for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, mining, and public sector

  • Professional folder designed and certified to operate on-line with HP DesignJet T3500 production MFP
  • Selection of 15 folding programs from the printer front panel, EWS and HP SmartStream.
  • Automatic fan fold and guided cross fold
  • Maximum folding precision to support high volume printing at synchronized speed

This productive and compact ”all-in-one” solution is able to provide printing, scanning, stacking and folding operations within the same small footprint. The folder operates on-line and fits perfectly with the HP DesignJet T3500 Production Multifunction Printer allowing easy access to the scanner, stacker and replacement of paper rolls.