The Kongsberg XP Auto comes loaded with functionality that boosts productivity and ensures reliable operation.

Key features

  • Eliminates cost and turnaround time for dies
  • Permits jobs to be run overnight, unsupervised
  • Enables fully digital workflow for POP displays and packaging
  • Turns short-runs into a profitable business
  • Offers on-demand production with just-in-time-delivery
  • Enables increased design complexity

Fully automatic production

Thanks to the automatic loading and unloading, the XP Auto runs completely automatic. Unattended operations are aided by the XP Auto’s automatic tool calibration and a camera system for accurate print-to-cut registration. This saves time and brings down production costs. Let it run through lunch breaks and through the night without the extra cost of an operator.

No need for a die 

The Kongsberg XP Auto cuts packaging and POP displays directly from the CAD designs. This way you can start production right away and you can eliminate the expense of manufacturing a cutting die. The Kongsberg XP Auto turns shortrun and special request converting into a profitable undertaking.

Wide range of materials and applications

The XP Auto can handle a wide range of materials. It has been optimized for run sizes of several hundreds of sheets of corrugated or other heavy duty paper sandwich materials and will also be efficient with foam, foam board and plastic corrugated. When equipped with a milling tool it can also handle rigid material such as MDF, Dibond, acrylic panels and foamed PVC.

Growth opportunities 

Large format digital printers get faster. These devices demand a higher capacity automatic finishing solution for printed packaging and display materials. The Kongsberg XP Auto is the perfect finishing answer. The Kongsberg XP Auto also gives the possibility to accept small-run orders which may secure high volume business from companies that prefer one-stop shopping.

Reduce costs

The Kongsberg XP Auto does not need a cutting die. This means that die cost savings alone guarantee a fast return on investment. What’s more: you don’t need to wait for the dies, you can start production right away. And, less operator intervention means reduced labor cost.