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Kala KalaXY 1650

A new generation of XY trimmers designed to save you time and money

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Kala KalaXY 1650

Key features

  • Available in three models – automatic XY trimmer, with the addition of electrical correction for the Y blades, and with automatic correction of the media edge
  • Variety of cutting modes that are easy to program from the touchscreen controlpanel
  • Cutting marks can be generated with most RIPs available
  • Automatic trimming at set lengths can be programmed without marks
  • Will stop automatically upon reading a specific stop mark included in the print file
  • Comes with the same 3” aluminium feeding shafts as Kala Laminators to allowtransfer of laminator prints to cutter in the most efficient way

Buying options

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Save time and money

This automatic XY trimmer will bring about significant savings in your print finishing department. Cutting prints is certainly one of the most labour-intensive, time consuming tasks in your printshop, so let the Kala KalaXY take the strain.

Eliminate bottlenecks

The competitively-priced KalaXY 1650 will eliminate bottlenecks by automatically cutting rolls of graphics into sheets in a fraction of the time taken by manual cutting. It also perfectly complements digital cutting systems by increasing machine time for producing contour cuts instead of XY cuts.

The versatile cutter

This machine is perfect across a wide range of media, including paper, vinyl, photo paper, laminated substrates, encapsulated paper with thermal films of up to 250 microns on both sides, light and thick PVC banner material, polycarbonate and much more.