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Kala Mistral 1650 and 2100

A new generation of laminators that offer unbeaten performances and great value for money

Key features

  • New, even lighter self-blocking roll shafts save time while changing film – no tools are required
  • This compact machine has a small footprint, leaving plenty of room for access for media changes
  • Roll-to-roll operation – you can use an unwinding shaft for feeding prints and, once laminated, they can be wound onto the roll-take-up shaft
  • Adjustable speed up to 6.20m/min
  • The combination of high hardness and a uniform spread of temperature on the roller guarantees the highest quality finish
  • Multi-function foot switch leaves hands free for feeding wider prints
  • The pressure adjustment system ensures a uniform spread of pressure across the substrate
  • 2 Year warranty

Buying options

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Speed and versatility

Everything you need in a single laminator – single side lamination with or without waste paper, simultaneous single side lamination and adhesive mounting, one-run encapsulation, application tape, and mounting on boards up to 50mm thick.

Designed for high productivity

With five roll-shafts and one unwinding shaft, the Kala Mistral range of laminators will be able to keep up with your workflow. You can store up to four film rolls at the base of the machine for ultimate convenience, while the metal feeding tray reduces material waste and saves time when installing film onto the machine. The 50mm opening of the rollers offers a wider range of uses and is perfect for your flatbed printing output.

Safe for your operators

Your operators will work with the benefit of four levels of protection. A visible laser eye in front of the roller stops the motor when obstructions are detected. Automatic safety cuts the driving motor circuit when the feeding tray is in the up position. Once one of these safety mechanisms has been activated, the reset button on the panel board flashes red, indicating that the system needs reactivating. Additionally, the machine has a sound system to indicate that it’s about to go into reverse.