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ThermTX 75” FX and 102” FX Horizontal Fixation

Powerful fixation with precise temperature control across the entire media width

Key features

  • Variable low speed servo motors allow for slower dwell times and smooth roll transition
  • Designed for pigment ink fixation at rates of up to 55 square metres per hour
  • Works within a usable temperature range of 100°C to 220°C
  • The clutch driven unwind ensures perfect media tension
  • Despite their small footprints, the ThermTX Horizontal Fixation units features 12 individual heating elements
  • All OMRON controllers, and the unit also has two emergency switches for operator safety

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Horizontal Fixation

The ThermTx® 75” FX and 102” FX are powerful fixation units for sublimation and pigment inks. They has been designed to complement wide format textile direct printers for seamless precision fixation for entire rolls of fabric.

The units utilise quad zone heater element plates below and above the media horizontally, so the fabric is not touched during cure. For consistency, ThermTX does not employ IR heat lamps in order to avoid cool cure zones across the media. Fixation on a horizontal path provides better control and avoids smoke, steam or oil which can be dragged across the media. This means it can be relied on for ghost-free imaging.

Output is up to 55 square metres an hour, with variable top and bottom radial axial fans for steam removal. However, sublimation or disperse inks will require an additional air scrubber or extraction unit. The ThermTX fixation modules are designed for uninterrupted production and the media isn’t touched during the transfer fixation process.

Variable dwell times

The Therm TX FX fixation units allows for variable dwell times – typically 30 to 40 seconds for sublimation or disperse at 195°C and 60 to 70 seconds at 170°C for most pigment inks. The quad heater elements are positioned above and below the media with individual OMRON controllers for precise temperature across the width of the media with zero cool zones. The media isn’t touched during heating as the unit creates an oven effect on both sides of the fabric.

Key Features

  • Small footprint
  • 12 individual heating elements
  • All OMRON® controllers
  • 2 emergency switches
  • Clutch driven unwind ensures perfect media tension
  • Integrated steam extraction (pigment ink)
  • Optional air chuck/shafts
  • Usable temperature range 100ºC to 220ºC
  • Designed for Pigment Ink fixation
  • Up to 55m2/h
  • Variable low speed servo motors for slower dwell times
  • Servo driven motors – smooth roll transition