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Powered by VISU colour technology for the most accurate colour control, PrintFactory not only saves you ink, but also media and, just as preciously, time.

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PrintFactory RIP
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    Achieve superior editing capabilities whether working with PDF, AI, PSD, EPS, TIFF, JPG or any other format. Interfaces to the whole system and job submission platform, and to any printer and cutter – anywhere in your shop.

  • Flatbed Cutter icon

    Industrial cutter support.

    With the Industrial option any number of Industrial Cutters (Zünd, Kongsberg, Aristo, DYSS, etc) can be driven from the system. Barcode and automatic register dot included. Automatic link with Zünd CutCenter and ESKO iCut.

  • Eyelets icon

    Any finishing option, done easily.

    Grommets, bleeds, folds, pole pockets … anything you can think of is easily applied in seconds.

  • Tiling icon

    The ultimate in tiling.

    Experience the most complete and powerful tiling tool in the industry today. Quickly create tiles with overlaps, negative overlaps, define windows and doors, even define multiple substrates to use e.g. self adhesive vinyl and perforated material for a car wrap.

  • Roll cutter icon

    Roll cutter support.

    Any roll cutter or printer-integrated cutting function can be used with PrintFactory, out of the box. No restriction in quantity, no options needed.

  • FTP File icon

    One file has it all.

    The PrintFactory prepress files contain all information and job elements (tiles, multiple substrates, dielines, job elements, tooling …) all in one single comprehensive file. Any job will always be one single file, no matter how complex it gets.

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    Better colors, always.

    The superior color management built in to PrintFactory results in better image quality, neutral grays, matching colors across printers and substrates and the same consistent print results, day after day after day.

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    One central RIP.

    PrintFactory simplifies your printing workflow by contolling ALL your printers and cutters – no matter the brand, size or age – through one central RIP. In fact, PrintFactory can drive over 1500 devices.

  • Nesting icon

    Speed and efficiency.

    Stacking of jobs, multiple files and sizes, any orientation, True Shape nesting, front and back printing: all within one simple, easy to use interface.

  • POS icon

    Fully integrated print and cut.

    Fully integrated workflow for all your POS and other print snd cut work. No more mistakes: 100% match between print and cut file using barcodes and automatic register marks. Dynamic link to Zünd CutCenter and more.

  • Photospectrometer icon

    Connect any measurement device.

    SmartProfiler2/Calibrator connects to any measurement device, even multiple devices at the same time, for unparalleled performance and quality.

  • Billboard icon

    Efficiency first: Distributed workflow.

    Separating job preparation (Editor) and job layout (Layout) from the RIP process is essential for a well balanced, efficient workflow. Submitting jobs from any workstation to any printer and cutter, at any time, without delay.

A tool for every purpose.

Unlike other RIP solutions that are modular, when you buy PrintFactory, it comes with every workflow tool you’re likely to need. PrintFactory features all the professional job preparation and file corrections tools your team will need – easily accessible and intuitive to work with.

Save up to 20% on your ink

The latest ink optimization technology is built in with PrintFactory and this means you can reduce you ink usage by up to 20%. How does it work? CMY levels are reduced and black is increased, resulting in stabilised and improved print quality without any loss of image quality. Add it up – how much is 20% ink saving for you?

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  • Epson SureColor Sc-S 50600
  • HP Latex 570
  • HP Designjet Z6600

One RIP for every printer

How many printers are you running on how many different RIPs? PrintFactory can simplify your press room workflow by controlling all your printers from a single interface. It doesn’t matter what brand, size or age they are – PrintFactory can drive more than 1,000 different printers. It’ll save time, which saves money, and make life easier for your operators.

PrintFactory: the scalable RIP

Small Business

Are you a smaller sign shop, focusing on vinyl cutting and vehicle wrapping?

If you’re a small business focusing on signs, vinyl cutting or vehicle wrapping, PrintFactory can run off you Mac or PC to drive your printers and cutters. It’s easy to use, provides full job scheduling and follow-up and allows you to check and prepare all files.

Small business icon

Are you a print shop producing point-of-sale materials and posters?

The PDF editor within PrintFactory will slash your preparation time, with tools for tiling, eyeletting, folds and tunnels, contour cutting, white ink support and full support for color management and spot colors.

Medium business icon

Are you an industrial printer working with super-wide format devices?

PrintFactory easily scales with you; providing automatic load-balancing for the ripping process, full PDF/X support and JDF compatibility to accomplish unheard-of automation throughout your plant.

Large business icon
  • HP Designjet Z2600
  • Epson SC-S80 600

Different machine, same colour

PrintFactory is powered by VISU’s advanced colour engine, making it possible to maintain colour accuracy across your whole fleet of diverse machines. By introducing proofing into your workflow, PrintFactory increases machine up-time and reduces media and ink wastage. The PrintFactory Calibrator simplifies profile creation and the wizard-based interface guides operators through the process of aligning printers and media. With PrintFactory colour consistency is a given.

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