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HP Jet Fusion 380 Color 3D Printer

Produce functional parts in full colour at high speed! Fully-integrated, easy-to-use and compact 3D printer


Key features

  • Produce brilliant, full-colour functional parts while maintaining optimal mechanical properties
  • An accurate 3D printer that produces engineering-grade thermoplastic parts with intricate details
  • Delivers fine detail and high dimensional accuracy
  • Ideal for prototypes – get accurate and repeatable results
  • Produce multiple design iterations in the same time it takes to print a single part
  • Perfect for convenient in-house automated 3D printing on a compact device

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A fully integrated, compact design

The Jet Fusion 380 offers an easy-to-use solution that integrates material mixing and loading, printing and reclaiming material in one device. It’s been designed for small and medium-sized product development teams, design firms and universities – with a small footprint and intuitive user interface. Use it to produce brilliant, functional parts – and stay ahead with HP’s future-ready technology.

A reinvention of 3D printing

The Jet Fusion 380 will enable you to achieve find detail and high dimensional accuracy on engineering-grade thermoplastic parts with optimal mechanical properties. It delivers accurate and repeatable results, in full spectrum colour, with voxel control – ideal for prototypes and multiple iterations.

Move fast – design, create, test, iterate, recycle

Having the facility to instantly produce 3D prototypes inhouse means that you can move fast. Design, print, iterate and create in just a few short hours using the Jet Fusion 380’s enclosed automated material-mixing, loading and reclamation systems. You can create the parts you want when you need them, easily, reliably and predictably.