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HP Jet Fusion 540 3D Printer

Fully-integrated, easy-to-use and compact 3D printer - Accelerate your creativity and produce functional parts super-fast!


Key features

  • Produce accurate, full-colour functional parts while maintaining optimal mechanical properties
  • An accurate 3D printer that produces engineering-grade thermoplastic parts with intricate details
  • Streamline your design by creating, testing and iterating in hours
  • Comes with immediate access to support and comprehensive training via HP Jet Fusion 3D Solution Services
  • Print consistent white parts and clean, white models with voxel control
  • HP’s future-ready technology will put you ahead of the game with accurate prototypes and parts

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Get ready for the reinvention of 3D printing

The Jet Fusion 540 combines a fully integrated, compact design with the ability to mix, load, print and reclaim material in one device at high speed. With a user-intuitive interface and impeccable green credentials, HP’s entry-level 3D printer is ideal for small and medium-sized product development teams, design firms and universities.

Accurate, engineering-grade output

The Jet Fusion 540 will enable you to produce engineering-grade thermoplastic parts with optimal mechanical properties. You’ll be able to create fine detail and high dimensional accuracy, with repeatable results – making this the ideal device for creating and iterating prototypes and functional parts. It’s easy to use, predictable and comes with immediate access to support and comprehensive training via HP Jet Fusion 3D Solution Services.

Future-read technology with voxel control

With the Jet Fusion 540, you can produce clean, white models using voxel control that ensures consistent printing time and time again. HP is bringing the future inhouse for you, with automated 3D printing on a compact device that’s easy to use – streamline the time it takes to market with this amazing but affordable technology.