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Designed to lower running cost while delivering high quality output for maximum profitability

Jetrix KX6/ KX6-R ★ Robust flatbed printing - small thumbnail
Jetrix KX6/ KX6-R ★ Robust flatbed printing

Key features

  • Rapid print speeds of up to 591 sqft/hr in production mode
  • Intelligent multi-layer printing system, producing up to three layers at once
  • High quality 6 picoliter head nozzle creates superior work
  • Sizable maximum roll width of 2190mm
  • Hard-wearing flatbed can cope with even the toughest of printing jobs
  • Anti-head crash system prevents head damage during printing

Discontinued printer

This printer has been Discontinued and no longer available for sale, for more information on upgrading your current printer or for advice on the latest technology, call us on 020 7064 9660

Robust flatbed printing solution

The Jetrix KX6 is a robust flatbed printing solution that’s ideal for demanding tasks. Just because it’s up to the hardest of jobs, doesn’t mean that quality is compromised. This printer produces high resolution, sharp 5 colour prints (CMYK & white) on both indoor and outdoor mediums of up to 100mm in thickness.

High productivity printing system

High productivity is achieved via a vacuum system and innovative software that delivers up to 55sqm/hr in production mode - using 1024 head nozzles. You don’t need to focus on one layer at a time either; the Jetrix KX6 offers intelligent 2 & 3 layer printing (colour, white/colour, white, colour/ etc). An automatic anti-head crash system prevents any mishaps during the printing process, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to intervene once a job starts. For additional safety, there’s a motion alarm to ensure operator protection.

UV Cured Prints

As soon as a job is complete, the work can be used almost immediately, with the Jetrix KX6 using UV lamps to cure inks. This further increases productivity, and the process is entirely environmentally-friendly to boot.

Simple to use interface

Its simple interface also means that you won’t have to read through reams of instruction manuals to get started. This leaves you to concentrate on simply getting started with your print jobs.

Jetrix KX6 being tested at Jetrix HQ