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Canon Océ Colorado 1650

Fast, flexible and efficient, the new Océ Colorado 1650 opens a new world of opportunities

Canon Océ Colorado 1650 - small thumbnail
Canon Oce 1650 in use
Canon Océ Colorado 1650
Canon Oce 1650 in use

Key features

  • Unprecedented levels of automation frees operators from loading and daily maintenance
  • High productivity and non-stop printing to meet customer demands
  • Robust, industrial production platform with low operating cost
  • Océ UVgel 460 inks provide perfect image stability even when folded, bent or wrapped
  • Océ FLX finish technology gives flawless glossy or luxurious matte finishes, independent of media finish
  • Excellent colour gamut, colour depth and light fastness

Buying options

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Inspiring your creativity

The Océ Colorado 1650 will give you the freedom to let your imagination run wild. You’ll be able to create the highest quality wallpaper with a deep matte finish or glossy photo-realistic images that pop with colour. Jaw-dropping graphics and glorious soft signage will be as easy as pressing a button. And scratch-, water- and even graffiti-resistant decals or huge, durable banners are child’s play.

High productivity and low costs

Canon’s UVgel ink technology requires less ink than traditional inkjet technology. It works by creating a thin layer that sits on top of the media, rather than sinking in. UV curing means instantly dry prints, and the results are durable and scratch resistant, without the need for further protection. Automatic maintenance and high output combine to make the Océ 1650 super productive.

The finishing touch

Océ FLXfinish technology makes sure that you get the right finish on every print, as you can give any of your applications a gloss or matte finish without the need for special inks or media. The secret is in the UVLED curing lights, fixing the droplets in place for a matte finish or giving them long to form a smooth layer for a glossy finish. It means you can create rich matte prints, even on uncoated plain paper, that offer an unusually rich gamut while maintaining crisp details.