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HP Designjet Z3200 Postscript 24in

Long lasting prints with the A1 Postscript, fine art printer

SKU: Q6718B

Key features

  • HP Embedded webserver for cost tracking and print preview
  • Inbuilt postscript engine for printing PDFs
  • Inbuilt Photospectrometer
  • Optimised printing performance with improved ink efficiency
  • New chromatic red ink which has increased the colour gamut
  • Colour control with Adobe® Photoshop®Plugin

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12 Colour Fine Art Printer

The HP Designjet 3200PS is a 12 ink full colour wide format printer, it has an inbuilt Photospectrometer which enables the user to easily calibrate the printer and build on existing colour profiles. The addition of the new chromatic Red ink has increased the colour gamut plus achieved 95% PANTONE® coverage. It also features an inbuilt Adobe® Postscript engine which allows direct job submitting, queuing and nesting.

Inbuilt Postscript Engine

The inbuilt Adobe Postscript engine allows for TIFF, JPEG and PDFs to be submitted directly to the printer, without the need for a separate RIP. This helps keep costs low while increasing ink efficiency; the Z3200PS also incorporates an Optical Drop Detector (ODD) which helps prevent nozzle clogging, printing errors and media waste.

Inbuilt Photospectrometer

The Photospectrometer dynamically measures the intensity of the light source wavelength; the printer then uses this data to improve its colour profiles and printing output to help reproduce photo realistic prints.

High Definition

The HP Designjet Z3200PS prints in high resolution with a maximum DPI of 2400 x 1200. This produces incredible colour reproduction and outstanding printing resolution; it has an optimised DPI of 1200 x 1200 with maximum detail selected.