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HP DesignJet Z6800 Large Format Graphics Printer - 60", with Spectrophotometer (F2S72A)

The fastest 8 ink 60in graphics arts printer on the market


Key features

  • Using plain paper in fast mode, reach printing speeds of up to 1500ft²/hr (140m²/hr), and 212 ft²/hr (20m²/hr) with glossy paper in high-quality mode.
  • Print on media between 279 and 1524mm (11 and 60in) in size.
  • Produce a wide variety of prints, from POP displays and posters, to maps and backlit signs.
  • The three shades of black ink mean this printer is capable of creating impressive black and white prints, with great clarity.
  • Choose to print through third-party RIPs or directly from your design application.
  • The larger 775-ml HP ink cartridges, built-in take-up reel and long media rolls mean you can leave this printer to print alone, without human interaction.

Buying options

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One of the fastest printers on the market

You can count on the Z6800 to print efficiently, and to an extremely high quality. It’s the fastest 60-inch production printer for graphics, allowing you to fulfil your orders quicker than ever before. Plus, the eight HP Vivid Photo Inks ensure you produce both incredible black and white and full-colour prints.

Turn jobs around faster

In particular, the HP chromatic red ink gives your printer a broad colour gamut, which in turn allows it to produce the rich blacks, and deep colours needed to create photo-realistic image quality. Your prints are then finished with a professional-looking uniform gloss. The high quality ink means your customer’s prints can last as long as 200 years without fading.

HP Designjet Z6800 60in Photo Printer in use
Advanced media control with HPs Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS)

Handles like a dream-even at top speed

Even when you’re printing at the highest of speeds, the quality of your images won’t be impaired, thanks to the HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS). This smart technology boosts both accuracy and paper-advance control, so your image quality does not lessen during high-speed prints.

True unattended production printing

You and your staff don’t have to worry about leaving this the Z6800 alone while it’s printing – the take-up reel and large ink cartridges mean it is perfectly capable of producing prints without human intervention. Just set it up and leave it be.

To ensure this printer is right for your needs, try it out for a month, for free, with no obligation to buy.

Set up the printer, then stand back and watch it work.

Ideal for

Digital print shops, photo labs, and fine-art print service providers that need to produce highest-quality graphics at top printing speeds, with reliable operation.

Media Sizes

11 to 60-in rolls

Media Handling

Roll feed; automatic cutter; take-up reel

Efficient 8-Ink System

HP Vivid Photo Inks include chromatic red for a wide color gamut, with uniform gloss.


Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T), EIO Jetdirect accessory slot.

Print Speeds

Up to 1500 ft²/hr on plain media


Software Included

Printer driver, HP DesignJet Click, HP DesignJet Utility including HP Color Center.

Why to Buy

Turn orders in record time with the fastest 60-inch production printer for graphics. Exceptional color and black-and-white prints on many substrates. Count on advanced color management features backed by HP reliability and easy operation.

HP DesignJet Ink Cartridges

HP 771A 3-pack 775-ml Chromatic Red (B6Y40A), HP 771A 3-pack 775-ml Light Cyan (B6Y44A), HP 771A 3-pack 775-ml Light Gray (B6Y46A), HP 771A 3-pack 775-ml Light Magenta (B6Y43A), HP 771A 3-pack 775-ml Magenta (B6Y41A), HP 771A 3-pack 775-ml Matte Black (B6Y39A), HP 771A 3-pack 775-ml Photo Black (B6Y45A), HP 771A 3-pack 775-ml Yellow (B6Y42A), HP 771A 775-ml Chromatic Red (B6Y16A), HP 771A 775-ml Light Cyan (B6Y20A), HP 771A 775-ml Light Gray (B6Y22A), HP 771A 775-ml Light Magenta (B6Y19A), HP 771A 775-ml Lt Magenta/Lt Cyan Ink Cartridges/Printhead (P2V49A), HP 771A 775-ml Magenta (B6Y17A), HP 771A 775-ml Magenta/Yellow Ink Cartridges/Printhead (P2V48A), HP 771A 775-ml Matte Black (B6Y15A), HP 771A 775-ml Matte Black/Chromatic Red (P2V47A), HP 771A 775-ml Photo Black (B6Y21A), HP 771A 775-ml Photo Black/Lt Gray Ink Cartridges/Printhead (P2V50A), HP 771A 775-ml Yellow (B6Y18A), HP 773A 775-ml Chromatic Red (C1Q22A), HP 773A 775-ml Cyan (C1Q26A), HP 773A 775-ml Light Gray (C1Q28A), HP 773A 775-ml Light Magenta (C1Q25A), HP 773A 775-ml Magenta (C1Q23A), HP 773A 775-ml Matte Black (C1Q21A), HP 773A 775-ml Photo Black (C1Q27A), HP 773A 775-ml Yellow (C1Q24A), HP 771 DesignJet Maintenance Cartridge (CH644A). HP 771 Series Printheads.

Product Support

One-year limited hardware warranty.

What's in the Box

HP DesignJet Z6800 Photo Production Printer; spindle; printheads; introductory ink cartridges; maintenance cartridge; printer stand; take-up reel; 3-in spindle adapter kit; quick reference guide; setup poster; startup software; power cord