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Mutoh Viper TX 65/90

Designed to print on a wide range of substrates such as PES Flag, Cotton and Silk

Key features

  • TX90: 1657mm | TX90: 2280mm print width
  • Print directly onto non-stretch textile substrates
  • Print on a wide range of material including PES Flag, Cotton, Silk and Cotton/ polyester blends
  • 8 drop-on-demand 360 nozzle heads with 8 colour channels
  • Inbuilt ink waste disposal and non ink absorption technology
  • Print resolution of up to 1440 dpi

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Non-ink absorbtion technology

Both the Viper TX65 and Viper TX90 have non-ink absorption technology which automatically transports any ink with is not absorbed by the material to the disposal unit. The addition of an extra cylinder helps maintain perfect tension across the fabric during printing.

The Mutoh Viper TX65 and Viper TX90 can print on a wide range of substrates, including PES Flag, Cotton, Cotton/ polyester blends and silk.