The HP Latex 3500

For the most demanding sectors of industry.

A new level of productivity and operational efficiency

The HP Latex 3500 brings in a new era of production printing for HP Latex printers, by delivering a profound new level of productivity and operational efficiency for even the most demanding sectors of industry. Designed for dedicated application production the HP Latex 3500 uses new material handling technology and innovations in design to deliver even higher volume workflows.

Print overnight completely unattended using the new heavy duty roll handling system designed for printing oversized rolls. Responding to the industry need for standardised workflows and a need for greater unattendedness around the printer, the HP Latex 3500 helps businesses increase workflow while making the most out of current labor resources.

Up to 12 hours of uninterrumpted printing
6 coloured inks at 1200 DPI
Heavy duty rolls and 10 liter ink supply

Your time is precious

The HP Latex 3500 takes full advantage of the new 10-liter latex inks, dual-roll split spindles and introduces HPs new Latex in-line slitters for automatic media cutting. The 10 liter ink system combined with the increased media handling capabilities – single roll handling of 1 x 300kg, 40cm diameter (16 inches) and dual-roll handling of 2 x 200 kg, 40cm diameter (16 inches), making it possible to print up to 12 hours completely uninterrupted. The In-Line slitters help increase job turnaround times by significantly increasing productivity compared to manual cutting, especially on full width 3.2 meter prints.

The HP Latex 3100

Profound technological innovations, highly efficient workflow.

Built with HP Latex Technology

Built to help sign makers and print service providers tackle the ever growing workload with even shorter deadlines while still remaining profitable. HP Latex technology has continued to advance in both quality, speed and scratch resistance. The HP Latex 3100 uses the new Optimizer Ink system to achieve high image quality at even higher speeds by interacting with the Latex ink to rapidly immobilize pigments on the print surface. Resulting in sharper, more crisp images without sacrificing print speeds. The 5 liter Latex inks enable printers to take full advantage of the versatile performance and wider colour gamut while adding value through the preservation of both gloss and textured surfaces.

The HP latex 3100 comes with an intuitive printer status beacon, this traffic light system helps production managers and operators see the printer status from afar. This enables one operator to manage multiple printers and finishing equipment much more effectively while integrating with the HP Latex mobile App for remote monitoring.

Confidently increase unattended printing with HP’s Latex Mobile application
Produce high value applications for both indoor and outdoor print markets
Superb print quality for signage and decoration

The HP Latex 1500

Affordable, superwide printing.

Cut costs, keep control

The HP Latex 1500 is a new affordable HP Latex production printer, using 5-litre ink tanks and the ability to print high quality on lower cost substrates helps users maintain profit margins and increase business offerings. Whether your company is running just one Latex 1500 or a whole fleet, operators can easily identify printer issues and current jobs thanks the the beacon visual feedback system. Operators can also visually inspect prints while printing with the new LED print zone lighting feature.

Help reduce your running costs with cost-effective 5-liter HP ink cartridges
Maintain quality print after print — with 1200 dpi HP Thermal Inkjet printheads and auto nozzle replacement
Print SAV at 45 m2 (480 ft2 )/hr indoor quality, PVC banner at 74 m2 (800 ft2 )/hr outdoor quality

Fast, productive superwide applications

The new HP Latex 1500 comes as an affordable alternative to production latex printing. As a slimmed down version of the HP Latex 3100, the Latex 1500 prints SAV at 45 sgm/hr indoor quality, PVC banner at 74 agm/hr outdoor quality also delivering vivid textiles quickly at up to 24 sqm/hr. Similar to larger HP Latex printers an optional ink collector for porous inks is available, including an optional double sided day night kit for stunning double sided backlit banners.

Give your customers the prints they deserve, and get the color and quality you expect with innovative HP technology including an inbuilt OMAS sensor for easy double sided printing and and embedded spectrophotometer for accurate colour reproduction and profiling. Maintaining the print quality of the new Latex 1500 is simple thanks to the 1200 DPI HP Thermal Inkjet Printheads and auto nozzle replacement.