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Epson SureColor SC-S50600

The SC-S50600 can produce everything from posters and signs to vehicle wraps while the 5-colour model can produce high-quality white prints on both dark and transparent substrates.

SKU: C11CC21001A1

Key features

  • Super Fast Printing: 51.8m2 per hour.
  • Easy Loading: Simplified one person jack system.
  • Flexible and Cost Effective: Print anything from posters to banners.
  • Long Lasting Prints: Up to 3 Years Outdoor.
  • Fully Automatic Optimisation: Media handling and print head alignment auto-optimised.
  • Large 64in print width

Buying options

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Long lasting outdoor prints

The SC-S50600 has been specifically designed to print long lasting outdoor prints at speeds in excess of 51.8m2/ hour. Its easy reloading feature enables one person to safely and easily load new rolls with minimal effort. The SC-S50600 uses two thin film Piezo print heads running two sets of CMYK ink to produce high quality cost effective prints.

Easy Reloading

Epson’s easy to use one person jack system makes loading even easier; with the optional heavy roll supply system, rolls of up to 80kg can be loaded without a hitch. The loading leaver has been designed to allow ease of access from the front and rear of the printer.

Fully Automatic Optimisation

The SC-S50600 automatically adjusts the print head alignment and optimises the media handling to accommodate the loaded print media. While automatically adjusting the substrate tension to enable accurate media feeding, and adjust the feed without stopping or restarting.

Flexible and Cost Effective

You can cost effectively produce anything from posters, signs and banners on a range of different media. The SC-S50600 prints on vinyl, canvas, clear film, photographic paper and popular banner substrates on widths up to 64 inches (162.2cm). It effortlessly produces high quality white prints on dark and transparent substrates.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

The SC-S50600 uses UltraChrome GS2 ink which is odourless, nickel-free and meets the Nordic Swan EcoLabel requirements. Meaning the SC-S50600 is kinder to the environment as it does not require any specialised ventilation, and is ENERGY STAR-qualified.

*Outdoor durability is based on the Epson internal testing done by ISO 18930. The result is subjective to the environmental conditions such as application and location. Depending on some application or environmental conditions, lamination may be required.

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