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HP Latex 375 [Low cost, Odourless printing]

More unattended printing at a lower cost of operation


Key features

  • Allows you to achieve higher margins printing on traditional signage substrates and even textiles to a width of up to 64”.
  • With water-based HP Latex Ink, you prints are odorless – letting you reach new indoor spaces that solvent printers can’t.
  • Prints come out completely dry and ready for finishing – saving you considerable amounts of production time.
  • HP Latex Ink is available in 3-litre cartridges, bringing down your cost per print.
  • Delivers high quality prints at high speeds – 31m2/hr outdoor quality.
  • Produces sharp, consistent, repeatable image quality with high-efficiency curing, 6 colours and 1200 dpi.

Buying options

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Expand your applications to beat client expectations

The Latex 375 printer will allow you to print more effectively and efficiently on traditional signage substrates and more – even textiles. Using HP’s water-based Latex inks, you’ll avoid all of the issues surrounding solvents, so this printer is suitable for a wider range of users, including in healthcare environments. With automated double-sided banner printing and 3-liter ink cartridges, using a Latex 375 demands less of your operators’ time.

Same-day delivery with speed and quality

The Latex 375 produces sharp, consistent, repeatable image quality with high-efficiency curing, 6 colours and 1200 dpi – at speeds of up to 31m2 per hour for outdoor quality. Longer print runs can continue uninterrupted, as you can change the ink cartridges mid-operation, while prints that need no drying also cut time from your production schedules. And Latex prints are robust – the scratch resistance of Latex inks is comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banner.

Keep running costs low with 3-litre cartridges

The large-size Latex ink cartridges keep your cost per print down, while HP Custom Substrate Profiling and the i1 embedded spectrophotometer make ICC profiling automatic. This is also a printer that will continue to produce top quality prints over the entire life cycle, using replaceable HP Thermal Inkjet printheads.