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GoTx® – 1900PT/2600PT Fabric Pre-Treatment series

Key features

  • Degassed pressurised ink delivery system, ensures correct ink delivery to nozzle plates for uninterrupted printing with a massive 45.3picolitre variable drop for extreme penetration to thicker fabrics.
  • For lighter fabrics with greater need for colour and image quality our printer firmware supports a minimum drop size of just 4.5pcl.
  • Optional inline horizontal fixation module.
  • Inline anti static mounted on the infeed, for hi-speed polyester printing.
  • Remote monitor via a USB wireless interface so you can run multiple printers in production from one central control PC.
  • Renowned patented media handling system. Allows for all common fabrics including 2 way stretch knit fabric compatibility.

Buying options

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In line and Off line production designed to work with GoTx® 2190/2260 printer series

Pre-Treatment of textiles and fabrics

Precise even pre-treatment of fabrics for pigment inks are essential for providing added colour gamuts and wash fastness. The GoTx® fabric pre-treatment module was designed to do more than just wet fabric. An atomizing nozzle lays the correct amount of pre-treatment solution to the top surface of fabric without the underside getting wet. This results in the fabric hand and weight not changing in production.

Quad zone horizontal fixation unit

A quad zone horizontal fixation unit dries the fabric inline so its ready to print straight from the GoTx® pre-treatment machine.

Designed to run inline with the GoTx® 2190/2260 printer series or off line for greater productivity.