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Canon imagePROGRAF iPF815

For the most demanding CAD & GIS work turn to the iPF815. This 44” large format printer delivers exceptional quality, versatility and breathtaking speeds.

SKU: 4836B034

Canon iPF815 - small thumbnail
Canon iPF815 with a long paper trail
Canon iPF815 side shot with media basket
Canon iPF815 front without a basket
Canon iPF815
Canon iPF815 with a long paper trail
Canon iPF815 side shot with media basket
Canon iPF815 front without a basket

Key features

  • “Hot Swap” ink tanks – change whilst printing
  • Sharp, thin lines for precise detail
  • Manage costs and track ROI with accounting software
  • HP-RTL and HDI Driver
  • Economy printing
  • Blistering speeds

Discontinued printer

This printer has been Discontinued and no longer available for sale, for more information on upgrading your current printer or for advice on the latest technology, call us on 020 7064 9660

Canon iPF815 paper trail

Fine lines, vivid colours and high-speed printing

Count on blistering productivity with the iPF815. Designed for CAD & GIS applications in both print for pay and large corporate environments, this 44” printer delivers exceptional line reproduction, vivid colours, high image consistency and features “hot swap” high capacity ink tanks.

Outstanding quality and accuracy

Canon’s 5-clour dye-and-pigment reactive pigment ink system produces vivid colours and the sharpest, thinnest lines, and with a range accuracy of +/- 0.1% as well as a minimum line width of 0.02mm, precision is guaranteed - images rendered at 2,400 x 1200 dpi for maximum impact, thanks to super-fine print heads using 15,360 nozzles.

Economical and efficient

A built in accounting function allows accurate tracking of the cost per print and the overall cost of your printer and enables you to view the data through the printer driver, or export it to a CSV file for use in your own files or systems. To keep costs low, an Economy mode can be selected which uses less ink, ideal when printing draft documents.

For demanding CAD workflows

The iPF815 is designed to integrate seamlessly and work perfectly with the most demanding CAD workflows. Large files are processed efficiently with enhanced HP-GL/2 support. HP-RTL format is also supported and an HDI driver for Windows is included.

Canon iPF815 without media