HP Designjet T1700 ePrinter - 44in

The most secure, empowering HP DesignJet printer for CAD/GIS workgroups


£3891.01 +vat

RRP: £4395

Key features

  • Protect printers/data from unauthorised access with HP Secure Boot
  • Secure your printers with HP JetAdvantage Security Manager
  • No interruptions – dual-roll options reduce roll changes; two rolls double capacity, help switch paper types
  • Easily print project sets and PDF documents with HP Click printing software
  • Get bright colour and bold image quality– even on plain papers – with HP Bright Office Inks.
  • Accurately display data – high-density printheads provide 2400 nozzles perinch, enabling 0.1% line accuracy

Secure reliable printing

The HP Designjet T1700 is one of the most secure workgroup printers ever created for the CAD/ GIS Technical printing market. With built-in security features such as HP Secure Boot, whitelisting and an encrypted hard-drive, users can be sure that confidential documents remain safe and secure. The printer also comes equipped with the ability to remotely monitor and manage using HP Web JetAdmin as well as providing better management over printing costs with account solutions.

The T7100 comes in 4 options:

  1. HP Designjet T1700 44in
  2. HP Designjet T1700 44in Postscript
  3. HP Designjet T1700 44in Dual roll
  4. HP Designjet T1700 44in Postscript & Dual roll

Better control and quality

Gain more control over your printing workflow with the HP Designjet T1700, the in-built PDF drivers enable users to free up computer resources immediately after sending large and complex PDFs to print. The powerful processing architecture found in the T1700 combined with 128GB of memory and a 500GB hard-drive is capable of handling even the most complex of PDFs.

Accurate printing with true colours

Get brighter, more vibrant colours with increased image quality, even on plain paper, using HP Bring Office Inks. The HP Designjet T1700 reproduces transparencies, layers, colour palettes, and gradients with the embedded Adobe PDF Print Engine, giving accurately displayed data with a line accuracy of 99.99%.