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Xerox® color J75 Press Printer • High quality Colour Automation

High quality performance press capable of delivering Ultra High Definition prints at blistering speeds

Key features

  • Wide range of high quality printed applications
  • Full colour automation for accurate reproduction
  • prints heavyweight stocks and full speed
  • Simple integration into current/ established workflows
  • Builtin booklet maker delivers advanced finishing options
  • Easy to use and operate with great printing and finishing capabilities

Buying options

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High quality colour automation

Delivering a wide range of high quality printed applications has never been so easy, the Xerox Color J75 Press automates great colours, prints heavyweight stocks at full rate speed and simply integrates with your existing workflow to deliver a complete package.

The Xerox Color J75 Color Press automates everyday tasks with its built in booklet maker and Advanced Finisher system, a professional finisher module can be integrated into the printer after purchase. It comes with a SquareFold™ trimming module or an Xerox 2-Knife Trimmer depending on your needs and requirements. It is a very simple printer to use, enabling everyone who operates the machine to quickly learn how to fully utilise its tremendous capabilities.