Xerox® Versant® 180 Press

Performance, quality, versatility and results in an easy, accurate and automated press.

Xerox® Versant® 180 Press product photo

With the Xerox Versant 180 you’ll achieve better performance, better image quality and more versatility – higher quality results all round

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  • The Xerox Versant 180 Press is a compact but powerful production press, capable of printing at 80 ppm

  • It can work on a wide range of media, with the ability to print on stocks and specialty media ranging from 52gsm to 350gsm

  • Operators appreciate the automated registration and image quality controls, letting them create error-free output and tolerances to within one millimeter

  • High performance press features combine with the convenience and walk-up simplicity of scanning and copying

  • With the ability to print everything from envelopes to banners and booklets, the feeding and inline finishing versatility creates opportunities for high-margin and high-profit applications

  • With an Average Monthly Printing Volume of up to 80,000 and a maximum monthly duty cycle of 750,000, it should be more than adequate for your business’s growing needs

Xerox® Versant® 180 Press

Achieve benchmark quality with the versatile Xerox Versant 180 Press

Xerox Versant presses are known for their high quality output and ease of automation. The Versant 180 Press will allow you to print on a wide range of media types, while always producing the best results at high speed. This all adds up to serious competitive advantage because you’ll be extending your capabilities beyond those of your competitors. You’ll be able to attract new business, increase your margins and cement your reputation for excellence.

Stunning image quality

Xerox has introduced a new standard of image quality with the Versant 180 Press – it delivers four times more pixels than other printers in the class, while still maintaining top speeds. This is down to Xerox’s winning combination of technologies, including Xerox EA Toner, 2400 x 2400 dpi with 10-bit RIP, and an advanced Compact Belt Fuser that provides consistent heat and pressure for any given stock. The results are outstanding.

Increase your output and your speed with the Performance Package

The addition of the optional Performance Package allows the Versant 180 to deliver fully automatic colour calibration and in-machine processes that take the guesswork out of preproduction.

This powerful combination of process controls, the Automated Colour Quality Suite and an X-Rite Inline Spectrophotometer provides fully-automated colour management ­– resulting in the highest quality printing. Complex, multi-step calibration operations have been converted to pushbutton simplicity.