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KernowJet FloorSharK 1372mm x 50m

SKU: RF170TFG.0001372..25

KernowJet FloorSharK 1372mm x 50m

£410.47 incl vat

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About KernowJet FloorSharK 1372mm x 25m

Unique sharkskin coating absorbs the ink & dries tough, eliminates the need to laminate. Sharkskin structure gives great colour gamut and high grip. R10 certificated. Easy to apply & easy to remove, does not tear into small pieces when removing saving time. No shrinkage – no risk of a rim of dirty adhesive forming around the print. Ultra-tough polyester base, resists tearing, resists pallet trucks & stiletto heels. Suitable for Printing with Latex, UV & Eco Solvent Inks

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