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Print monochrome and color faster than alternatives, even the fastest LEDs.1 Do all your production on one printer at breakthrough speeds and low cost of operation. Grow with fast GIS map and point-of-sale (POS) poster printing to generate new revenue streams.

HP PageWide Xl 8000
HP PageWide XL 4500

What is PageWide Technology?

PageWide technology removes the need for a moving printhead, opting for a static printbar which spans the entire printing width. As pages pass underneath the printbar the whole page is printed in one pass, this allows greater printing speeds and ensures high quality every time. Specially designed HP PageWide ink provides reliable and dependable operation, producing dark blacks and vivid colours even when printing on uncoated papers with moisture/ fade resistant prints. Currently, HP PageWide technology produces 4 billion impressions annually in HP inkjet web presses, with the introduction of the HP PageWide XL 8000 these impressions will continue to grow. While LED printers and even inkjet printers suffer from printhead deterioration, HP 841 PageWide XL printheads provide reliable and long-life operation, averaging 32 litres of ink per printhead.