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HP Scitex FB 550


Key features

  • Print on almost any rigid and flexible media up to 64mm thick by up to 64in wide
  • New tabletop media roll holder enables easy, fast and efficient short run printing on flexible substrate
  • 3 liter HP ink supplies enable greater productivity and print quality for indoor applications and longer printer runs
  • Attract more customers and increase print specialities using white ink, double-sided printing, matte/ gloss and textured effects.
  • Efficient workflow processes enables print operators load, print and collect media simultaneously
  • Load up to four cut sheets at a time, with full bleed printing, multi sized and multi image increasing production workflow

Buying options

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Offer your customers more

The HP Scitex FB550 gives print service providers the opportunity to offer customers more exciting and versatile products than ever before. Getting started in the Flatbed industry has never been easier, the HP Scitex FB 550 is simple to use, comes with time saving features such as multi-image, muli-size four board loading system, white ink option and load, print and collect simultaneously. The use of UV Curable inks helps keep the workplace free from offensive odours and doesn’t require any special ventilation, all the while reducing print costs while producing high value applications.

New innovations in technology

Unlike most other flatbed printers the HP Scitex FB 550 enables operators to load, print and collect media simultaneously with up to four different sized boards printing four different images. There has never been an easier way to produce vast amounts of prints in such a short space of time. The Scitex FB 550 also includes new media rollers, designed to prevent damage to media when loading prints, plus a table top roller for short runs on flexible media. HP have also redesigned the media feed tables to easily fit into near any workspace, the new space saving design allows the tables to fold away when not in use.

HP Scitex FB 550 print multiple boards at once
HP Scitex FB 550 print using the new fast media roll holder

Print a wide range of applications

From retail POP/POS to Outdoor signage and standing displays to Fine art and decoration the HP Scitex FB 550 is capable of producing a wide range of quality applications with high retail value. With the optional white ink system, stunning backlit displays and bold window graphics can easily be produced. Unlike the HP Scitex FB 500 or Scitex FB 700 the new white ink formula and system in the HP Scitex FB 550/750 produces clean white prints.