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Foster On-A-Roll Lifter

Easily and safely move heavy and over sized media safely and quickly with the Foster On-A-Roll Lifter

SKU: 61574

Key features

  • Easy to use operation reduces on-the-job injuries - Lift up to 300kg rolls up to 5 meters long!
  • User-friendly operation avoids costly and dangerous handling mistakes that damage media
  • Single person operation saves both time and labor
  • Designed to operate even in shops with limited floor space
  • Rugged construction ensures long lifter life
  • Newly updated ergonomic pull bar and stronger media tray

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Meet the Low Profile Roll Media Lifter

The Foster On-A-Roll media lifter is a fantastic media lifter designed for sign makers and other business who handle wide or heavy media rolls. The low profile lifter enables a single operator to effortlessly lift rolls up to 300kg in weight and 5 meters in length without risking injury or damage to the media.

Build to navigate around busy shop floors and through normal door ways, the Foster On-A-Roll Lifter helps increase productivity in the workplace by offering a safer, simpler solution to moving grand format media rolls.