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Improve Workflow

The benefit of a RIP is its ability to process large file sizes quickly resulting in faster printing, it also gives you the ability to nest and que different jobs. This allows you to line up print jobs, process other files while printing and prepare other jobs for later. The RIP will only send the printing data once the files have been properly processes, effectively eliminating output lag. RIPS also allow you to scale up/ down artwork, rotate, correct colours and embed a colour profile.

Improve Colour Reproduction

Most RIPs ship with a number of pre configured ICC profiles for different printers on different substrates, ensuring you get the right colours every time.

Custom ICC profiles can be generated using either a spectrophotometer such as the  i1 Pro by X-Rite or using the built in spectrophotometer if your printer has one, such as the HP Designjet Z2100.

High quality printing with RIPs
Nesting and layout tools included

Nesting & Layout

RIPs give you the ability to tile up jobs to make the most out for your media, you no longer need to waste reams of media printing out the same job. If your printing wallpaper or need to print specific widths, a RIP allows you to easily tile up the artwork, add bleed and crop marks to ensure everything is the correct size.

Multiple Printers

Multiple printers can be run off the same RIP, allowing you to send different jobs to different printers all at the same time. You can also calibrate each printer from directly within the RIP to ensure consistent colour across printers.

Run multiple printers