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What is an HP PageWide printer?

HP PageWide printers are a revolutionary printing technology developed by HP, delivering high-speed printing with exceptional quality. Their unique design allows PageWide printers to print an entire page in a single pass, resulting in significantly faster print speeds and lower energy consumption compared to conventional printers.

What is the difference between PageWide and LaserJet?

The main difference between PageWide and LaserJet printers lies in their printing technology. While LaserJet printers use laser technology to transfer toner onto the paper, PageWide printers use HP's PageWide array technology. This technology enables these new printers to achieve faster print speeds and lower cost per page while maintaining excellent print quality.

The printhead design is another key difference between these two types of printers. LaserJet printers typically have a moving printhead that scans across the page, whereas PageWide printers have a stationary printhead that spans the entire width of the paper. This allows PageWide printers to print at incredible speeds without sacrificing quality, making them ideal for businesses that carry out a high volume of print jobs.

What are the benefits of HP PageWide?

There are several benefits to choosing an HP PageWide printer:

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