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Print Finishing Equipment For Large Format

Arguably the second most important part in the large format printing journey. Supplying finished products not only looks good but can increase the total value of the print massively! Helping you increase your profit margins while keeping overheads low is what we aim to do. Our range of finishing equipment is designed to boost your productivity and the quality of the applications you provide.

Large Format Cutters

Cutters come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the small rotary cutters from Keen Cut to the large flat bed cutters from Graphtec and Summa.

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Large Format Laminators

Like cutters laminators come in all shapes and sizes, lamination is vital if you wish to uses media printed on an indoor printer outdoors. Lamination applies durable outdoor coating for abrasion, water, UV and chemical protection. We stock a wide range of professional laminators for wide format printing; these include the SEAL Laminators and the PC Super Lam Range.

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Large Format Folding Machines

Folding machines help save time and increase productivity! Once fitted to your printer folding machines take the printed media, fold it to your desired size, then place them into their folding tray for easy collection. Currently we stock GERA folding machines and ES-TE folding machines. A folding machine needs to be correctly fitted to your compatible printer, as a wide format printing specialist we give professional non-biased support and advice on which folding machine is suitable for you.

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Heat Press & Dye Sub Transfer Machines

Dye Sublimation Transfer Machines allow users to easily transfer graphics printed on dye sub media to almost any application. Used for printing and finishing Flags, Mugs, Bags and even ceramics.

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