Large format flatbed printers for business

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Flatbed printers are perfect for producing high-quality prints on both rigid and flexible media. Although the two most commonly used substrates are plastic and paperboard, you’ll find the majority are compatible with a wide range of materials, including standard paper, cloth and photographic paper.

Maximum versatility for you and your customers

The versatility of large format flatbed printers gives you the freedom to produce everything from detailed indoor signage to long-lasting outdoor banners, meaning you’re able to deliver a comprehensive service for your customers.

Size also needn’t be an issue, with most large-format machines ready to cater for all requirements. Posters and banners can be produced in a range of dimensions, meaning no job is too small. This also means you can complete larger jobs in less time and with fewer materials, saving money for you and your customers.

Nothing but the best

The range of large format flatbed printers on the market is diverse to say the least, with a number of top manufacturers offering impressive machines.

US-based HP, for example, has its Scitex FB models. Available in two sizes – the 550 and 750 – these printers come with all kinds of special features, including double-sided printing and white ink compatibility.

JETRIX’s offerings are equally impressive, with models like the KX3 and KX5 blending speed and quality perfectly to help you provide an efficient service for your customers.
Still looking for something different? Perfect Colours also stocks specialist flatbed printers from Inca and EFI, both of which focus on quality to give you the best possible results.

Find the right printer

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide which printer is right for you. Be sure to research all of the models available to find one that suits your needs perfectly. Get in touch with our experts for some help choosing.