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Large Format Flatbed Printers for Business – Perfect Colours

14 products found in Large Format Flatbed Printers For Business

Large format flatbed printers provide a world of possibilities for businesses looking to make striking visuals that go beyond just paper. Flatbed printers allow creatives to print directly onto materials like wood, metal, acrylic and even fabric to create stunning signage, displays, promotional items and more.

What is a flatbed printer?

Unlike traditional roll-fed printers, a flatbed printer uses a moving print head that travels across a platform (the "flatbed") to directly print onto a wide range of flat materials.

Large format flatbed printer size

Flatbed printers come in various sizes, typically measured by their maximum printable area. Common sizes include:

While these are popular sizes for flatbed printers, there is a great deal of variety between different brands and models. Choosing the right size depends on your printing needs and the typical dimensions of your projects.

Best UV flatbed printers

Let's take a closer look at some leading printer brands and explore their strengths to help you decide which might be the best fit for your business.


Epson has built a reputation for vibrant colour reproduction, reliable performance and eco-friendly solvent inks. Their flatbed printers come in a range of models and price points, so you’ll be able to find one that fits within your budget and printing needs. Also, Epson boasts excellent user-friendly software, making their printers a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.


Canon flatbed printers are known for their high-resolution printing, fast production speeds and durable prints. These printers offer advanced white ink capabilities, allowing you to create unique and eye-catching effects, and are known for their intuitive operation and robust construction.


HP prioritises consistent colour accuracy, efficient ink usage and sustainable printing practices in their flatbed printers. They offer scalable solutions for high-volume printing, seamlessly integrating with the HP Designjet ecosystem. With competitive pricing and a focus on sustainability, HP printers are a compelling option for businesses looking for both value and eco-friendly solutions.


Jetrix takes flatbed printing to the next level with industrial-grade construction, exceptional print quality on a range of different materials and innovative multi-layer printing capabilities. These printers are designed for high-demand environments and offer extensive customisability options.

How can Perfect Colours help?

Ultimately, the "best" UV flatbed printer depends entirely on your unique business needs and budget. Consider factors like print volume, typical project size, desired applications and budget to narrow down your options.

Here at Perfect Colours, we are print specialists and know all there is to know about printers – including flatbed printers! If you are looking for a flatbed printer, get in touch with our expert team to discuss your needs.