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HP Latex R1000 Printer

Transform rigid printing in ways you never thought possible, with vibrant colours and glossy white


Key features

  • Print both rigid and flexible substrates on the only truly hybrid printer
  • Produce higher quality work with the vibrant HP Latex colour gamut
  • With HP Latex Overcoat, you’ll achieve scratch resistance and flexibility using a single set of inks
  • High-speed quality – print up to 6.4 indoor or 12 outdoor boards per hour with continuous loading
  • Glossiest white printing on transparent and coloured media – resists yellowing over time
  • Automatic maintenance, including automatic white recirculation and nozzle checks

Buying options

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Amazing colours on both rigid and flexible substrates

Offer your clients a better standard of work using the superb HP Latex colour gamut – you’ll achieve media gloss and feel, with prints that don’t smell. And with the Latex R1000 you’ll be able to simplify your workflow, while achieving a consistent look across rigid and flexible outputs – no more print and mount. You’ll have every base covered with a single set of inks for scratch resistance and flexibility.

HP Latex R1000 Printer front view
HP Latex R1000 Printer inks

No more barriers to printing with white ink

The Latex R1000 lets you print the glossiest white on transparent and coloured media, with high-opacity white that won’t go yellow over time. You’ll also find printing with white easier than ever before, thanks to our automatic maintenance that recirculates the white ink and checks your nozzles.

Keep it in-house – no need to outsource

Even at peak production times, you’ll reduce your need to outsource – the Latex R1000 can print high quality at high speed. You can achieve 6.4 indoor or 12 outdoor boards per hour with the continuous loading function. Our automatic maintenance, smart vacuum and assisted loading will keep your printer at work, while avoiding costly mistakes. Uptime is maximised with smart proactive and preventive services.

HP Latex R1000 Printer set up